Skin Care
Platinum Exlusive Facial

Cosmetic treatment applying a powerful concentration of platinum.
120 min for CZK 5,350

Pure Gold Radiance Facial

The gold standard against premature aging. The pure drops of this golden Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold serum have a visible tightening impact on the skin, which becomes energized and brightens up.
120 min for CZK 3,590

Caviar Firming Facial

Luxury caviar treatment that instantly tightens your skin.
110 min for CZK 3,190

Swiss Cellular Anti-Aging Facial

Anti-wrinkle treatment that effectively delays the effects of premature aging.
110 min for CZK 2,490

Marine Youth Protection Facial

Highly moisturizing, anti-wrinkle treatment that revitalizes your skin. This treatment uses mainly the La Prairie products from the Advanced Marine Biology Collection, rich in marine ingredients.
110 min for CZK 2,490

Cellular Hydrating Facial

Moisturizing treatment giving your skin a boost of hydration and energy. This intense treatment achieves results especially with stressed-out and tired skin.
110 min for CZK 2,490

Cellular Resurfacing Facial

This treatment offers effective exfoliation for restoring your skin – it reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles. It smoothes and softens the skin, reboosting its health and brightness.
100 min for CZK 2,490

Swiss Cellular Facial for Men

Cleansing and energizing treatment of male skin.
110 min for CZK 2,290

Caviar Intensive Eye Lift Treatment

Intense caviar lifting treatment around the eyes extremely strengthens and moisturizes the skin in this area, freeing it from puffiness and wrinkles and giving it a boost of vitality and necessary nutrition. The skin around the eyes is firmer, tighter and radiant.
30 min for CZK 1,290

Body Treatments
Caviar Body Treatment

Part of this nourishing and energizing full-body massage is luxury caviar - a unique gift of nature. This body firming treatment leaves the skin luminous, full of vitality and elasticity, inducing a feeling of well being.
100 min for CZK 3,490

Cellular Detoxifying Back Treatment

Men and women alike like to seek out this detoxifying back treatment. The cleansing, exfoliation and application of regulating mask cleans and pampers this often overlooked part of the body.
60 min for CZK 1,990

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